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ive been on an internet purge of the lists of so called "friends". people have been talking about me, and i really dont get it. im a virgin, not a slut, im not a whore, im not out of control, im not throwing myself at anyone . im 16, and im doing this wierd thing called growing up, not ~*~*changing*~*~*~...so get over it.
i decided that i play enough online games at work to need to save my points or something. so i opened a neopets account. hi, im in 3rd grade ALL over again.

Ms. Leading

i was 14 and gawky, 15 and awkward, but i was having fun. Lets make my 16th summer better than the last...i mean its how i keep my weekends exciting. what happens if i top the top of the top? will i plummet, or is it impossible?

im free in 11 days, but i feel like summer started in march.


so, i just got a call from Bridget at Fearless Records. She was like "were you promoting at Take Action?" and i was like "yeah" and she read me this email, from this kid i handed stuff out to. He was writing because i took a picture of them, and it was the last picture of one of his friends before he died. i got chills. like straight up oh my god chills.

nicoles gonna send me all the pictures she took when she gets back to her dorm.
im in awe. and i feel really bad that his last show was take action.
so, i really need money, and have a whole bunch of clothes i dont want. im selling them for the price listed (between 3 and 15 dollars) plus however much shipping will cost.cleanin out my closetCollapse )

if you are interested in anything, email me at keatonface@gmail.com with something to do about clothing in the subject line

i would totally be down

to see metro station again. like now.


im pretty stoked. im gonna hey brittany that shit UPP.

hi, my name is keaton,

and i am a huge dweeb.

its been 11 times baby.